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independent. thorough. reliable.

We have seen our fair share of boats in a variety of conditions, and with in-depth knowledge of the construction and maintenance of marine craft, we can offer a true indication of the condition of a boat - we know what to look for, and we know what's required to rectify this.

We can carry out surveys on yachts, motorboat, RIBs, dinghys and a variety of other vessels.  We specialise in surveys on vessel constructed from GRP, Steel, Aluminium and Composite.  Although we are based on the Isle of Wight we regularly carry out surveys along the south coast and beyond if required, both nationally and internationally!


Why choose us?

  • We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity & Public Liablity Insurance.

  • We can produce our survey reports within 48 hours of the survey.

  • Our reports are written in plain english with accompanying photographs. Following the survey we can provide advice on any remedial work that needs to be carried out.


Why might I need a survey?

Marine Surveyors can be instructed for a number of different reasons:

  • SurveysPre-Purchase Survey
    If you are considering buying a boat we can offer a full report on the condition of the vessel.

  • Condition Survey or Valuation
    Insurance and finance companies often require an independent valuation of a vessel when insuring or financing a boat that is new to them. It's not uncommon for insurers to request a valuation at renewal time either. Our reports are accepted by insurers and finance providers.
  • Damage report
    Following an accident or damage insurers generally require an independent report on the damage. While we can't provide this report if you are also asking us to quote for any repairs required, we can arrange for an report to be undertaken by an independant surveyor in this instance.

Ultimately marine surveyors are here to help and to protect you as the purchaser or owner. Our surveyors have in excess of 60 years marine experience and can provide not just a report on the condition damage but also with the cause and effect.  We give you the information you need to make informed decisions.

If you are considering purchasing a vessel, it is prudent to appoint a surveyor to check the vessel prior to concluding the purchase.  We, as surveyors, are looking to identify any defects resulting from poor construction, misuse or neglect on the part of the vendor.  Following a survey the report and valuation (if required) will allow you to conclude the purchase with confidence or re-negotiate the purchase based upon defects identifed.  In the most extreme cases the survey will allow you to walk away from a purchase due to significant material defects having been identified.

Surveyors are independent and do not operate for any other party other than for you, the client.  We report to you, and take instruction only from you.

How much does a survey cost?

A standard pre-purchase survey costs from £12 per ft. Travel is only chargable if travel beyond 15 miles is required, and is always agreed in advance. Condition surveys, damage surveys and valuations are boat and location specific and will be quoted for on an individual basis.

Want to find out more?

Speak to Will or David on (01983) 874629 or email