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  • Redwing hull with the deck removed
  • A dinghy converted into a bath... one of the more unusual projects!
  • A wooden Redwing with the deck removed, undergoing restoration
  • A wooden Redwing with the deck removed, undergoing restoration
Redwing hull with the deck removed1 A dinghy converted into a bath... one of the more unusual projects!2 A wooden Redwing with the deck removed, undergoing restoration3 A wooden Redwing with the deck removed, undergoing restoration4

Wood Builds and Repairs

Our team prides themselves on the age-old skills involved in traditional wooden boatbuilding. We look after a range of cold-moulded, clinker and carval/strip planked boats, and maintain them to the highest standards.

Whether you have a new build you wish to discuss, a cold-moulded boat in need of laminate repair, a carval-planked boat which you would like epoxied, or some decorative timber joinery which needs to match pre-existing finishes within your cabin or home, we have a number of highly skilled craftsmen (most of whom relish the chance to get back to some traditional materials every once in a while!).

Over the years we have carried out numerous restorations, including a 40 year old Cowes/Torquay powerboat (cold moulded), a number of Bembridge Redwings (60-70 years old) and the original restoration of the Levi 27 Corsair which took centre stand at the London Boatshow at Earls Court (following which the boat went back into production) and which feature a wood-heavy cabin.

Another frequent visitor is Dragonfly, one of only two surviving 1962 Seaview Mermaids, which over the years has had seen a full restoration broken down over seasons, including the laying of a full teak deck. She's also been back many times for repairs following injuries sustained from collisions while racing out in the Solent.

We maintain the majority of the ageing Bembridge One Design fleet (affectionally locally known as Club Boats), which are all traditionally built, and over the years many have been redecked. The first of these boats is being splined and sheathed with epoxy over Winter 2012/13 in an effort to keep this ageing fleet from requiring such extensive maintenance in the decades to come.

For more information on our work with all types of wooden boats and other projects contact Will on (01983) 874629.




Prawn Cocktail was originally built in 1969, the hull by Souters and fitted out at Woodnutts Yard in St. Helens with a Holman and Moody Ford engine. She was entered in the Cowes - Torquay - Cowes powerboat race for four years from 1969 - 1972, after which the engine was removed and the hull was abandoned in Woodnutts Yard to rot.

Over subsequent years various parties had taken interest in the boat but it was only in 2007 that we started the restoration of the powerboat for a new owner looking to move her to the Museum of Motive Power in Lytham, St Annes.

Despite sitting covered for nearly 40 years in the corner of the yard she had relatively little rot, together with damage to the forward deck and the spray rails. Once the hull had been repaired all external paint was removed and then she was re-finished in her original racing livery, and fitted out with a refurbished 5.7 litre petrol Mercruiser engine.

A key part of the client's brief was that the boat was to be finished as close to the original specification as possible, reusing the original equipment and fittings as far as possible, including the original rudder and rudder-scaffold.

Forty years on from her initial launching she was again launched, cruising in and out of Bembridge Harbour for sea trials, with only a few modifications required as a result of the tests.

Prawn Cocktail is still resident at the yard, and will in due course be moved to her new home as a working exhibit at the Museum of Motive Power. In the meantime she often makes appearances at events such as Cowes Week, and even featured recently in a Henri Lloyd clothing catalogue!

In coming years the new owner hopes to race her in classic powerboat classes and perhaps in the Cowes - Torquay – Cowes race.

Prawn Cocktail Prawn Cocktail Prawn Cocktail Prawn Cocktail