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Vinyl Signs

Under our trading name of Duver Signs, we are the Island's leading supplier of Boat Names and Vinyl Lettering, Boat Graphics, Vinyl Striping Tape and SSR Numbers for Yachts, Ribs, Motor Cruisers, Powerboats and Sailing Dinghies.

We know the additional stresses that the marine environment can place on signs, so we only use materials that can withstand this additional wear and tear.

Using a range of vinyl products we can supply you with a finished decal ready for you to apply, complete with full instructions. For local customers we can remove any old name and apply your new name for you. All our products are supplied using a minimum of 4-year vinyl, which means that given good care you can expect your signwriting to last for at least 4 years.

We can also supply longer-life vinyl if required, for example for use in tough, commercial-duty environments. In 2011 we supplied a complete set of reflective numbers and speed limit text for use on the lateral markers (channel bouys) that guide you into Bembridge Harbour. These bouys stay out afloat 365 days a year, and over half of them are outside of the protection offered inside the harbour, so we carry out periodic checks for any signs of degradation due to the harsh environment; we're pleased to report that all of the signage looks as good today as the day it went on.

We also produce sign boards using maintenance-free Foamalux board for site safety boards, commercial name boards, directions and shop frontages.

We offer a full design service, although many customers already have an idea in mind when they come to us of a particular font and/or colour. We can generally match any font, and if you're not sure... take photos! We have software that can identify a font, even if you don't have it any more.

If you're designing your own artwork please ensure it remains in a high quality format. If in doubt - ask. Please remember that signs are often many times bigger than you can print out at home, and that we may need to scale it up 10x, 50x or even 100x this print size when cutting it.

We can supply and apply your vinyl, or for smaller products most people are generally capable of applying it yourself. First piece of advice: avoid windy days! Second: for smaller signs the traditional approach of a solution of washing-up liquid and water can cause more problems than it solves! We'll provide you with full fitting instructions, along with care instructions to help you get the most out of your vinyl.

For more information on our signs and vinyl products contact Andy or Will on (01983) 874629.