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  • Seaview Mermaid mast
  • Dealer for Harken rigging hardware.
  • Redwing Masts ready to be stepped
  • Dealer for Selden masts and rigging hardware.
Seaview Mermaid mast1 Dealer for Harken rigging hardware.2 Redwing Masts ready to be stepped3 Dealer for Selden masts and rigging hardware.4


Years of experience with complex dinghy and keel boat racing systems have given us the knowledge and experience to create, modify and repair a wide range of rigging systems. We're also in the powerful position of being able to design and manufacture our rigging fully in house.

In addition we're a dealer for Selden masts - we work closely with the design team at Selden to produce bespoke spar systems that fit within existing rig specifications.

Standing Rigging
We manufacture standing rigging in-house using a wide range of wire types, incuding 7x19, 1x19 and dyform, up to 4.5mm in diameter. We stock a wide range of terminals to suit many applications.

Running Rigging
We've designed a number of systems which have now become the standard rig on local fleets of boat. We're dealers for Harken, and hold stock of many components to support many of the boats we've fitted with Harken systems over the years, in addition to a range of ropes, shackles, etc.

For more information on our engineering services, contact Will on (01983) 874629.