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Painting and Varnishing

  • We're a recognised Awlgrip Refinishing Centre
  • Sunset in one of our paint finishes
  • Resprays of 3 Seaview Mermaids
  • Tradewind 35 full respray
  • Respray of a Seaview Mermaid
  • Awlgrip pain finish
  • 42' full respray with Awlgrip system
  • Full respray of a 35' tradewind
We're a recognised Awlgrip Refinishing Centre1 Sunset in one of our paint finishes2 Resprays of 3 Seaview Mermaids3 Tradewind 35 full respray4 Respray of a Seaview Mermaid5 Awlgrip pain finish6 42' full respray with Awlgrip system7 Full respray of a 35' tradewind8

We offer a full range of painting and varnishing services, from a quick coat of antifoul and paintwork touch-ups, to full resprays or repaints, from the primer coat upwards.

We are a recognised Awlgrip refinishing centre, and with our clean, heated facilities and our in-house, HVLP-compliant applicator, we undertaken all work under our own roof rather than outsourcing.

We have the facilities to prepare and respray all boat components, from the smallest brackets, handrails, winches, etc, right up to a full topside/superstructure respray (up to 45'). And it's not just boats either... there's been a few other projects along the way (including a bath, several VW Beetles, other cars and a few bikes and their components).

Many of the boats we look after recieve hand-applied finishes of traditional products, for instance the fleet of Bembridge One Designs are hand-painted from start to finish, including a fresh coat of varnish and gloss-work at the start of every season.

As of 2012 we can now offer a wide-range of metallic and pearlescent finishes in the Awlgrip range suitable for marine and other environments.

We pride ourselves on the quality and finish of our work. We have in-depth technical knowledge on the range of products and applications available, backed up with support from the paint system manufacturers who know and trust our work and judgement, and are always willing to discuss and recommend the right paint scheme and system to suit your requirements.

For more information on our range of painting and varnishing services, contact David or Will on (01983) 874629.