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  • Bespoke GRP console
  • Cockpit sole glassed into SVYC Mermaid hull
  • Hull construction
  • Fuel tanks glassed into the hull of a RIB
  • Laying up of a GRP console
  • SVYC Mermaid mould preparation
  • Finished SVYC Mermaid
  • GRP Layup
Bespoke GRP console1 Cockpit sole glassed into SVYC Mermaid hull2 Hull construction3 Fuel tanks glassed into the hull of a RIB4 Laying up of a GRP console5 SVYC Mermaid mould preparation6 Finished SVYC Mermaid7 GRP Layup8

Many of the boats we look after are of GRP construction. The overall lower maintenance requirements for GRP boats, often simply referred to as fibreglass, present lower ongoing costs than traditional wooden boats, making them considerably more attractive to those who simply want a boat they can get in and go.

Whilst GRP can generally be more robust, there is often the misconception that when things do go wrong you can just patch it up with a kit. Whilst this is true for smaller and less conspicuous repairs, great skill it required to achieve an almost invisible repair.

We've been involved in a number of GRP builds over the years - we build complete GRP hulls/deck mouldings and create bespoke parts here on site, including:

  • custom sized battery boxes
  • consoles for performance boats
  • seat bases for ribs
  • engine box covers
  • replacement hatches

Every job is generally unique - with years of experience working with composite materials a number of our team have worked on a wide range of GRP boats at various stages of construction.

Increasingly common is the need to effect repairs or complete replacement of fuel storage tanks on RIBs - we have worked on a number of craft with fuel tanks built into the hull which have become damaged or worn out over time with fuel leaking into the inside of the hull, requiring the removal of the old tank and being replaced with a stainless steel tank within the void.

For more information on our range of GRP services, contact Will on (01983) 874629.


We are proud to have produced the newest Seaview Mermaid which joined the fleet for the 2012 season.

Using the moulds owned by Sea View Yacht Club the boat was built to the clubs specifications to race within the existing fleet.

The mouldings were produced in-house using the specialist skill of our staff to produce a high quality product. Unusually the Mermaid hulls are made using clear gelcoat, this is then painted to the desired colour. This does however mean it is easier to see any imperfections in the gelcoat finish that form during the lay up.

As this was the first hull to be built for over 10 years and the moulds had been stored in a farm building, they required extensive cleaning. All the old polish was stripped off and then re-polished with release wax ready for gelcoat and the reinforcement complexes as specified. Many of the materials had been superceded during those 10 years, and so a great deal of care was taken working with manufacturers to identify suitable replacement products that improved upon the originally build materials while remaining within the class design specifications.

Once the two halves of the hull had been laid up they were carefully brought together and joined to complete the hull. The bulkheads and floor stiffeners were fitted prior to removal from the mould. The deck moulding was laid up and reinforced ready to be trimmed and fitted to the hull.

The hull and deck were brought together and then carefully turned over to allow the two to have a reinforcement complex round the joint forming watertight compartments fore and aft. The moulding process complete the boat was prepared for painting. The hull is coated with an epoxy paint complex below the waterline and the initial coats were also done whilst the boat was upside down.

The complete hull was then turned up the right way ready to have the locally made lead keel fitted.

The fitting-out process then began in earnest, the teak coamings and toe-rails, produced in house, fitted, bespoke stainless steel fittings made and fitted, deck hardware marked off and the topsides and deck prepared for their Awlgrip coatings.

The final coatings were applied and the hardware fitted ready for the mast to be dressed and stepped using our in house-rigging service.

Mimosa was made ready for launching on-schedule and Sea View Yacht Club are very happy with their new addition to the fleet.

Mimosa Mimosa Mimosa Mimosa



We were approached to build a custom console for a Ribcraft 10m RIB which was to be part of the Evinrude Round Britain Youth Challenge. The timescale was tight, with last minute revisions in the design and further delays in the CNC mould production which arrived with just weeks to go in component form.

Our team worked around the clock to get the console moulded ready for fitting, at which point the necessary systems for the engines would then be fitted.

Additionally the hull required modification to hold the 1100L of fuel required to complete the long legs of the journey, so whilst one team looked after the console moulding, another team looked after the fuel tanks, including the array of vents and takeoffs which were to run through the hull up into the new console.

Once the moulding processes we completed and the console had been fitted the BRP dealers moved in and installed the twin Evinrude E-TEC 250hp engines and associated electronics, before we were then handed back the boat for finishing and sponsor graphics applications. After two days of sea trials the boat was then handed over to the team who supported and trained the three teenages throughout the challenge.

The boat rounded the British Isles in July 2007 in less than 8 days with trips of up to 325 miles in a day averaging 40 knots.

Those 8 days included two enforced stops after some damage was sustained in rough 20'+ seas on the second day requiring attention, and an impact with driftwood near Whitby which forced the boys into port for a day. We sent an repair team to Whitby to fix the damaged tubes in the early hours the following morning, and had the boat back on its way by late afternoon.


The team arrived safely back in Seaview on the 16th July 2007.

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