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What is the largest boat you can haul out?
60' - but please contact us to discuss your requirements as a number of other factors such as beam, draught, weight and hull design can greatly impact on how much work is involved.

Are you open at weekends?
Sometimes, but by prior arrangement we can generally undertake any work required at weekends. It's not uncommon for us to have a broken boat (eg. dismasted) brought to our attention at the end of one day, and for the boat to be back on the mooring by the following morning ready to race. Please call our office number for an out of hours contact number.

How can I pay you?
For account holding customers we would ask for payment by bank transfer or BACS, or alternatively by cheque. We can also take payment by card, although there is a 1.5% charge for using credit cards (no charge for debit cards).

Do you have set prices?
For some jobs we offer fixed prices, for instance delivery / collection of a boat from a mooring off of Seaview, or haul-outs of smaller ribs or boats with their own cradle/trailer. However it is not possible to have a set price list for every task as the time taken to complete it can very so much. We would therefore offer an estimate produced specifically on a case-by-case basis, and a quote only if it is appropriate and we can guarantee the cost of a job.

Can you quote rather than estimate a job?
Again it's specific to each job. For example it would be unrealistic to quote for extensive damage to a boat for instance if the full scale of the damage won't be obvious until parts of the deck are removed. For these reason we would normally estimate a job, based on our previous experience of that work or a previous case, and would explain the assumptions this estimate is based on. If, once work has commenced, it looks like significantly more work is going to be required we will generally discuss this with you before proceeding, unless you have given instructions to the contrary.

Can I visit the yard?
By all means - we welcome visitors, and many people tend to make a point of coming around tea time to sit down with all of us for a chat, but we recommend contacting us before turning up. It's not uncommon for us to work away from the yard and we can also make sure that the right person to help you is on hand.

Can I work on my own boat?
We're happy for owners to work on their own boat. Over the years we've seen a few self-restoration projects carried out by owners on our premises. Sometimes we're even asked to carry out some of the more complex tasks while owners undertake the time-consuming work, such as varnishing. However we do need to know what work you are going to carry out, both from a health & safety point of view and considering other users and it's impact on our neighbours. Please see our resources page for our policy on carrying out your own work.

Can I arrange for outside contractors to work on my boat in your yard?
We recognise that it is sometimes necessary for outside contractors to undertake work on a boat, for instance as part of a dealer service to maintain a warranty on an engine, or if we can't undertake that work in house. In this instance we do not have any issues with visiting contractors - often if this applies we are usually arranging the work on your behalf anyway.

We will however resist the use of outside contractors where this is simply preference to use them to carry out a task instead of us, and we will charge an external contractor fee in this instance. We hope you will understand that we, as a business, have to cover our overheads and, whilst we recognise the importance of outside contractors for certain specific tasks, we need to cover these overheads particularly where contractors are using our workshop facilities, consumables, power or water to carry out their work. Please see our outside contractor policy on the resources page for more information.